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Flashback Friday: The Kinetic Pavilion

Flashback Friday: The Kinetic Pavilion

I can’t believe it’s already 5 years ago that  Elise Elsacker and myself developed The Kinetic Pavilion.  I’m really proud to say that the concept behind the project still stands today. We urgently need architects to become more involved in the Smart City discussion. The Kinetic Pavilion is a parametric structure able to respond to…

Hackathon Emakina

Hackathon Emakina

About 15 years ago I first started going to so called LAN-parties. An event that basically boils down to a bunch of teenage gamer nerds gathering for a sleep deprived weekend of unhealthy food, energy drinks and of course playing games until your face smacks into your greasy keyboard. Fun times. Fast forward 5 years and…

Social Media put in perspective

Social Media put in perspective

Activate, the leading strategy and technology consulting firm for media, technology, entertainment and information businesses recently published their ‘Tech and Media Outlook 2016’ slideshow (see below). Chances are you already saw some charts from this presentation popping up in your newsfeed. Most Belgian media jumped on this one: “More tech than sleep”. Of course they…

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