Social Media put in perspective

Social Media put in perspective

Social Media put in perspective

Activate, the leading strategy and technology consulting firm for media, technology, entertainment and information businesses recently published their ‘Tech and Media Outlook 2016’ slideshow (see below).
Chances are you already saw some charts from this presentation popping up in your newsfeed. Most Belgian media jumped on this one: “More tech than sleep”. Of course they conclude that tech and media are goldmines for advertisers trying to get our attention. Time to put some things in perspective.

So let me first start off by sharing the presentation with you:

If you happen to have some time, please do check the complete slideshow, but for now go to slide 7.
The average working American has over 31 hours of activity in a day (due to multitasking).

  • 7:06 hours is spent on sleeping. (approx. 22%)
  • +/- 11 hours is spent on ‘tech and media’ (approx. 35%)
  • of which social media is ‘only’ 1:27 hours (approx. 4%)
  • the remainder is spent on ‘social activities, including work’: approx. 43%

The balance for other parts in the world can be checked on slide 13.

We spend on average only 4% of our time on social media. And I’m pretty sure a large part of that 4% is during multitasking so we’re not completely engaged.
On the other hand we still (luckily) spend nearly half of our available time on ‘social activities’. I’ve included work hours because I assume most people have conversations with their colleagues. So that’s 13 hours and 17 minutes of real life interactions and conversations taking place.

So for my conclusion: yes, having a social media presence as a brand is becoming increasingly important, but it’s completely meaningless when that presence is not being translated into the daily social life of your readers. Word of Mouth is still the most powerful advertising tool available for brands, so use social media strategically.

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